Webinar: Effective Data Quality Methodology for Law Firms

In 2021, the legal industry saw an increase in leveraging digital and cloud-based technologies, specifically CRM and ERM systems. But, how can your law firm embrace the change if you’re still dealing with data that’s outdated and dirty?

Join legal360 and CLIENTSFirst on January 13th at 12:00 PM EST to learn how your law firm can not only tackle data integrity but make data a strategy to strengthen client relationships and win more business. No third-party tools, no manual entry… just passively collected clean data and the business process to manage the quality of the data.

Our legal industry experts, Chris Fritsch, and Whit McIsaac, will cover:

  • Developing a data strategy
  • Architecting an integration and data harvesting strategy
  • Defining the data normalization process
  • Designing the initial data import and cleanup process
  • Addressing the Challenges with the initial import and data scrubbing
  • Implementing an ongoing sync and data quality management process
  • Understanding how various personas consume data

About the Speakers

Chris Fritsch, J.D., CLIENTSFirst Consulting

Chris Fritsch is a CRM Success Consultant and founder of CLIENTSFirst Consulting. Chris and her team of almost 100 CRM consultants and data quality professionals have helped hundreds of firms achieve CRM success. She is also a recognized authority, author and speaker on marketing and BD technology topics and was named among JD Supra Readers’ Choice Awards top 10 Marketing and BD thought leaders. Chris is a Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management and received her law degree from Emory University.

Whit McIsaac, legal360, HSO ProServ

Whit McIsaac is the founder of legal360 and the Global Industry Director for legal360’s parent company, HSO ProServ. With over 30 years of law office technology experience, Whit has spent the past 15 years working closely with Microsoft and their leading global law clients to architect, develop and implement the latest solutions for law office business development, marketing and relationship intelligence.  During this period, Whit and his team have been named as Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year 11 times and have implemented over 150 Dynamics systems for law practices throughout the world.

Join Chris and Whit for future webinars in the CRM Success Thought Leadership Series.

  • Session 3: Advanced Contact Processing and Relationship Intelligence
  • Session 4: Understanding and Redefining Adoption

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